Farming, Vets, Youths, and Helping Each Other

Programs for Veterans and Farmers.

All Starr Bookkeeping is proud to announce that we are beginning to work with farmer, ranchers, loggers, and those in the agricultural business (and those associated with them), as well as Veterans who are interested in farming, and youths who are interested, as well.

One of the best sources to help is the Farmer Veteran Coalition (FVC). The Farmer Veteran Fellowship Fund will begin accepting applications February 1 for the 2017 award cycle. The Farmer Veteran Fellowship Fund is the largest grant program in the country that provides direct assistance to veterans in agriculture and has awarded more than $1 million since it was established in 2011. This helps veterans who are interested in farming, and those who support them in their endeavors.

There’s also various programs, to hire on veterans, including tax credits, wage assistance, and other resources.

The FVC also¬†has periodic web/teleconferences, to advise people of the various programs that are out there, which we’ll announce on our blog page, for those who are interested in such programs.

We will be adding youth programs shortly.