This page will contain a list of services that may be helpful to you, your business, or that of someone you know.

Invoice Factoring. Would your business be interested in getting paid within 24 hours, on average, for its invoices? This is where to start.

Seller Financed Notes or Mortgages. Sold a home using seller/owner financing? Get cash now when you sell the note, in part or full.

Structured Settlement Cash Outs. In part or full, if you have court annuities, this is where you can get cash now.

Underwater Mortgage, or facing foreclosure? This is a reality for many. Some are told that they can’t be helped. Even investors may tell them they can’t help. There are investors who specialize in these over-leveraged homes!

Need an accountant that specializes in the legal marijuana business? Here, here, and here, are directories of accountants.

National Cannabis Industry Association. NCIA is the only national trade association advancing the interests of the legitimate and responsible cannabis industry. Our industry supports tens of thousands of jobs, tens of millions in tax revenue, and billions in economic activity in the United States. NCIA is leading the unified and coordinated campaign to ensure this emerging sector is treated fairly under federal law.

Cannabis Business Times. Cannabis Business Times provides latest industry news, legal and financial resources, business opportunities, marijuana compliance, regulations, strategies for growers, cultivators and business owners.

Marijuana Venture. The Journal of Professional Cannabis Growers and Retailers.