New Sections for Businesses and Employers

New Sections for Businesses and Employers

All Starr Bookkeeping now has a FAQs section for small and medium businesses, that wish to contract with us. In addition, we have a FAQs section for employers, that wish to hire one of our bookkeepers for Temp or Part Time work.

As always, we are expanding the services we offer to the global community, and felt the need to offer different sections, for the different types of clientele we work with. While we have been working with small and medium businesses, we have expanded our outreach to include employers who may wish to hire new temp or part time workers.


Don’t Get Sued 5 Tips To Protect Your Small Business

Separate Yourself From Your Business
Many business owners own and operate their businesses as sole proprietorships. The only problem with this is that in the event the company is sued, the owner’s individual assets (such as their cars or home) are fairly easy to attack or attach in a court of law.

The solution to this, or at least a way to limit the possibility that the owner’s personal assets might be the target of a suit, is to have a trust own the business. A trust is a legal entity that, in most cases, files its own tax return and can own property, businesses, cash, securities and a host of other assets. If a business is owned by a properly established trust, and it is sued, in most cases the only assets that can be attacked or attached in a court of law are those that are in the trust itself.

Incorporating separates your company’s finances from your own. This makes your house and personal wealth safe from attack even in the event you lose your business in a judgment. The downside to incorporating can come from understanding and keeping up with the additional laws, reports and taxes that the government requires for a corporation.

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Veteran Farming Coalition Fellowship

DAVIS, CA (January 26, 2017) – Farmer Veteran Coalition (FVC), a national nonprofit organization that assists military veterans embarking on careers in agriculture, announced today the Farmer Veteran Fellowship Fund will begin accepting applications February 1 for the 2017 award cycle. The Farmer Veteran Fellowship Fund is the largest grant program in the country that provides direct assistance to veterans in agriculture and has awarded more than $1 million since it was established in 2011.

“The Fellowship Fund has played a vital role in the success of hundreds of farmer veterans as they establish their farming operations,” said Rachel Petitt, manager of the Farmer Veteran Fellowship Fund. “Whether they’re just getting started, or have been farming for a few years, the fellowship provides farmer veterans with valuable equipment and resources they would not otherwise have access to. We’re excited to begin accepting applications and look forward to awarding as many farmer veterans as possible.”

For more information, visit the Farmer Veteran Coalition (FVC) site.

VA study finds EEG can help tell apart PTSD and mild TBI

The two disorders often carry similar symptoms, such as irritability, restlessness, hypersensitivity to stimulation, memory loss, fatigue and dizziness. If someone is rating high on an mTBI scale, for example, that person may also rate high for PTSD symptoms. The researchers used electroencephalogram, or EEG, a test that measures electrical activity in the brain. The size and direction of the brain waves can signal abnormalities. The study included 147 active-duty service members or veterans who had been exposed to blasts in Iraq and Afghanistan. Of those, 115 had mTBI, which accounts for nearly 80 percent of all traumatic brain injuries. Forty of the participants had PTSD, and 35 had both conditions.


What lesser known browsers have you used?

We’ve all heard of Explorer, Firefox, and Google Chrome. What are some lesser known browsers that you’ve used, and liked? While some years back, I had used Sea Monkey, I’d found it to have a lot of limits, and thus switched to Pale Moon. Instead of Chrome, I’ve used SWR Iron, Epic, on Windows, and Chromium, and Yandex for Linux. Pale Moon’s been standard, on both OS, and has firefox. I’ve used Midori, but not extensively.

Wurk raises $1 million to help cannabis companies manage their people

Is your business in the cannabis industry? Then this company may be of use to you.

A “pottech” company called Wurk has raised $1 million in seed funding to help cannabis businesses such as dispensaries or growers comply with all the different regulations coming into play around the burgeoning legal cannabis industry.

The seed deal closed before various ballots issues were voted on today in the U.S., which could make the sale and use of marijuana legal for adults in a broad number of new markets.

Wurk CEO Keegan Peterson said his company’s software-as-a-service helps cannabis businesses do everything from background checks of potential new hires, to managing employees’ schedules, benefits and training, as well as making sure they get paid on time.

Full article here.

Who Uses A Linux OS For Their Small Business, And Which Distro[s]?

For me, I am currently using Linux Mint, 17.2. Overall, I have been very happy with it. I dual-boot into Windows, mainly when I’m doing some contract work, and the clients use something that just doesn’t have an easy Linux work around. In the past, I tried using a Virtual Machine, but for video editing, it’s just too intense for a VM to use, so do this in Windows.

When I tried Zorin a while back, and I hated it. I had too many problems with it. I had tried a version of Ubuntu, but I wasn’t happy with it. There was a time to consider a few other distros that were supposed to be good for multimedia users, but never had the time. I also tried some of the Tiny versions of Linux, and while they’re interesting, I just couldn’t see myself using them on a regular basis.

I’ve had some fun, experimenting with TAILS. I have an old version, 1.3. I also have a newer 2.7 that I’ve played around with. However, when I tried to create persistent drives, I’ve had no luck. Also, after a few uses, the OS seems to be corrupt. So, I haven’t been using it much, lately. I may wait, before trying it some more, as I didn’t really like Clawmail client in 1.3, but found IceDove better suited to what I wanted.

How Much Do You Use Free And Open Source Software In Your Small Business?

As a Linux user, a free OS, the programs on the System are Free & Open Source. Instead of Microsoft Office, I have Libre Office. It’s mainly compatible. The main exception is when I use Power Point, some of the transactions or effects may not cross over. Also, some of the image features in word, like bevels, may not come out as well, in Writer.

I do also use Windows, but I’ve found that I also enjoy using Linux

Overall, I’ve found that the browsers work well: Firefox, Opera, Pale Moon, Chromium, and others, just to list a few that I use. Overall, I surf the web as easily as when I use windows. I sometimes hit a snag on Youtube with browsers, but add-ons or plugins usually resolve this.

I have found GIMP to be a decent alternative to Photoshop, although many of the command keys are different, so that requires a good deal of learning.

I do like the software manager, which takes me to the repository of many different Free & Open Source Software, in one, centralized location.

I’ve seen some decent video editing software, but wish the learning curve wasn’t so big, for many of them. WINE or PlayOnLinux has limits, and my experience has been, for video editing, that Virtual Machines can’t handle it well.

I do find the screen capture software, and screen casting software to be much easier to use, and I do like being able to take videos, without watermarks.

What have your experiences been? How familiar are you with Free & Open Source Software? What programs would you like to see?

Would You Accept Bitcoin Or Other Crypto-Currency In Your Business?

With businesses like Overstock and WordPress accepting Bitcoin, is this something you would consider for your business?

Yes? No? Not sure?

There are accounts that specialize in BitCoin. Currently, any crypto-currency isn’t a payment method All Starr Bookkeeping will accept for businesses in the cannabis industry. If you have a current accountant that does accept Bitcoin, we may consider working under that accountant.

A tonnnn of businesses accept Bitcoin

Bitcoin: some think it will revolutionize currency, others think it’s nothing more than a Ponzi scheme. The worth of the open source cryptocurrency has fluctuated significantly since it was first introduced – mostly losing value. Nonetheless, a surprising number of major corporations have begun accepting payments for products in Bitcoin.

A article encouraged those “uninitiated” in the ways of Bitcoin to “catch up,” noting that “irrespective of your opinion, the rise in popularity of cryptocurrencies cannot be ignored. Today, there are a number of billion dollar businesses that accept Bitcoin as a form of payment.”

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