All Starr Bookkeeping is Virtual Bookkeeping business, owned by a service-connected US Navy Veteran of Operation Enduring Freedom, Eddie Starr.

I have worked in numerous fields and businesses, including real estate, multimedia, and various business to business services.

We have provided services to:

– Various crowdfunding campaigns to help US military veterans.

– A nonprofit in Chicago-land, collaborating with schools in assisting under-privileged youth and disadvantaged adults.

– A Super-PAC that was working towards electing US presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders in 2016.

– Several real estate investor businesses.

– A Nigerian travel business, focusing on helping regions get clean water, while coping with heart disease, and noncommunicable diseases.

– A group associated with an Australian NGO helping young girls in Kenya achieve an education.

– And a wide arrange of other services, to various individuals and organizations in the US and abroad.

Why should you pick All Starr Bookkeeping for your bookkeeping needs? We are the passionate bookkeepers. We work let you focus on your business and not get bogged down in the administrative tasks of bookkeeping. We work with the community, donating to needy causes, with that same passion.

We believe that best bookkeeping services should be:

  • Reporters. Gather the facts and sort them. Find out what’s fact and what’s fiction. Record the facts. Recall all the relevant factors when putting things together.
  • Interpreters. Take what they learn from the books and relate them to their clients in layman’s terms. Let clients know what the financial records say.
  • Guides. Know where financial traps lie and help clients avoid them. Know where to find beneficial resources, and how to help their clients utilize them. Help clients establish or refine a budget.

Some bookkeeping services do one or two of these; the great ones do all three. This is what we aim for, at All Starr Bookkeeping.