Why The Cannabis Industry?

If you’re in the cannabis industry, why should you work with us? Because we reach out and educate people about the medical and industrial uses of cannabis, and donate to cancer and other patients who may wish to explore what the industry can offer them, thus bringing in more customers to your business.

Why do I have an interest in the Hemp/Cannabis industry? The obvious of it being something “on the ground floor,” or a “pioneering industry” has a certain appeal. What actually changed my outlook to the cannabis industry was the documentary Run from the Cure: The Rick Simpson Story. That got me started. I also watched the WWII promo Hemp for Victory. I’ve read a lot of the history of it, which is why I try to refrain from using either version of “marijuana,” and try hemp/cannabis. I’ve also talked with some people who have used the oil, to help them recover from cancer, and other ailments. This is also something that has been known by some for decades; when I was 12, my grandfather died of cancer on 12/28, so it wasn’t such a bright Christmas, and I wish I’d known about such an option, at the time.