How Much Do You Use Free And Open Source Software In Your Small Business?

As a Linux user, a free OS, the programs on the System are Free & Open Source. Instead of Microsoft Office, I have Libre Office. It’s mainly compatible. The main exception is when I use Power Point, some of the transactions or effects may not cross over. Also, some of the image features in word, like bevels, may not come out as well, in Writer.

I do also use Windows, but I’ve found that I also enjoy using Linux

Overall, I’ve found that the browsers work well: Firefox, Opera, Pale Moon, Chromium, and others, just to list a few that I use. Overall, I surf the web as easily as when I use windows. I sometimes hit a snag on Youtube with browsers, but add-ons or plugins usually resolve this.

I have found GIMP to be a decent alternative to Photoshop, although many of the command keys are different, so that requires a good deal of learning.

I do like the software manager, which takes me to the repository of many different Free & Open Source Software, in one, centralized location.

I’ve seen some decent video editing software, but wish the learning curve wasn’t so big, for many of them. WINE or PlayOnLinux has limits, and my experience has been, for video editing, that Virtual Machines can’t handle it well.

I do find the screen capture software, and screen casting software to be much easier to use, and I do like being able to take videos, without watermarks.

What have your experiences been? How familiar are you with Free & Open Source Software? What programs would you like to see?


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